About Me

Greetings! My name is Leslie Deaunne and I am a self-representing artist and designer of art glass pieces, lampwork beads and jewelry. From the time I was young I loved to design and create. Art was always my passion. It just took me a while to find the right medium (my canvas paintings were truly only something a mother could love). A visit to Prague in 2002 and I fell in love and found my calling: GLASS.

My first torch was a Hot Head given to me as a Christmas gift from my loving and dear husband who encourages me in this endeavor. Afraid I'd burn down the house, he did make sure he was present to help with the initial lighting of the torch ceremony. I held my breath during the entire process of melting that first rod of glass onto the mandrel. It wasn't exactly round and barely resembled a bead, but it was all it took to get me hooked.

While pregnant with my first child, I needed to fulfill my glass obsession away from the torch, and was turned onto fusing and kiln work. This allowed me to expand my skills and continue working with glass without the need for a flame. I have since discovered that I can combine my skills with the torch and the kiln to create some really fun & funky stuff!

I now run my Bethlehem Betta torch in my basement studio with a Devilbiss 5 lpm oxygen concentrator and natural household gas. Everything in my shop comes from the work of my own 2 hands. I design, create, clean, photograph, package and ship all of my creations. I only hope that you love them as much as I have loved creating them.

Check out my studio page to see inside my little glass world.

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